Interdisciplinary creative project by Wandler-Duo & Antonia Kolujartseva & Victoria Samoilenko based on music from Prokofiev's ballet "Cinderella".

Wandler-Duo - Anna Trukhina (violin) and Veronika Salikhova (piano)

Choreographie and dance - Antonia Kolujartseva

Sound engineer and filmmaker - Viktoria Samoilenko

The aim of the project is the artistical combination of music, dance and cinematography.

Music from Prokofiev's ballet "Cinderella" is filled with rapidly changing characters and theatricality. The dance reveals the gentle image of Cinderella, hidden at first under a mask, and then transforming into her true nature - active, bold, free. At the moment of the descending violin passage, Cinderella puts on the mask again, returning to her introverted world, and gradually leaves the ball. In the surrealism of the video, there are images of the musicians caught in the reflection, as well as their instruments.