Three self-portraits from three different series, originially created under the theme "Nostalgia" for the Zeitgeist Exhibition of the Berlin-based photo group _INNEN in 2019. 

My thoughts leading up to the imagination of the three self-portrait series

The Danger of Nostalgia | Prejudices and Ignorance. 2019. (top)

Of course I care about the climate. 2019. (middle)

I hate communicating through screens, it´s awesome. 2019. (bottom)

were guided by nostalgic impulses observed in societal discourses, fashion and technology trends, and political movements. They were created as satirical mirrors for the onlooker to decode and question their own attitudes as well as the attitudes of their peers and family.

I chose myself as the subject to emphasize the obsessive and intensified nature of today´s "project of the self". Not only through the multiple identities we choose to act out offline and online through our devices, but also through the shift of responsibilities and expectations upon individuals that were formerly bound to political, societal and cultural spheres.

I hope to make you think on your own, but if you are interested in a sample train of thought:

-- Looks at second picture -- ´I support the Fridays For Future Protests and I shop organic groceries and sure thing I believe in climate change. I also have fond childhood memories of going to the ice skating rink that I probably would not want to miss out on. And I love to eat an individually wrapped ice cream lolly at the movies.´



Bildname: a_nostalgia2_agermanmoment
The Danger of Nostalgia / Prejudices and Ignorance. 2019
Bildname: a_nostalgia3_ofcourseicare
Of course I care about the climate. 2019.
Bildname: a_nostalgia1_ihatecommunication
I hate to communicate through screens, it’s awesome. 2019.